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Advertising on our Buses gives your company the opportunity to be more visible and likeable as a corporate social responsible company.


Nothing is more supportive to our sinior citizens at this stage of their lives like a reliable means of transporation to take them to their doctors visits, to their therapy, to sight seeing and more. 
Your advertisment makes it possible.


The problem of mobility is one the biggest obstacle the handicapped members of our community experience. Your advetisment help move them safely from point A to point B, and your adervisment makes it possible. 


A reliable and stable means of transportation for the children to go to school, to social events, to hospitals, and other erands. Your company logo is seen as these buses drive around on the streets.
Your advertisment can save the world

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

11 years experience



My company has been looking for a good platform to give back to our community and to participate in their wellbeing, AB Help provided us the opportunity to iuse their platform , and we are very please we chose them as a means of advertisment. --- Mohadi
Through A-B Help, we are able to participate in something that has a deeper meaning than just helping people; i was able to lead by example for our younger generation, so they too can be able to help others. This is what AB help advertisment helped me to do . --- Lukas 



Just seeing the smiles on the faces of the children when we handed over the key to car to them, melts my heart. I love the work AB Help is doing and I am so proud to be called an AB Help client and Sponsor. --- Martha
Advertising on AB Help buses was the best decision my company made because it put our company name in the hall of fame of good companies in Czech Republic. Our Logo looks very good on the bus and we look foward to their next Bus. --- Petr