A Society of coporate social responsible companies that are visible as a source of inspiration to the public
To promote good companies through mobile advertisment, to help the less priviledge with reliable and stable means of transportation and to inspire the public that help is possible.
Our company AB Help has been in the business of social advertising and public relations for over 11 years. We help to promote the good image of good companies across Czech Republic through our help programs.  

Our team is made up of multi-cultural  and dedicated people who have the passion to make a difference while making a living.  We all have had several lives experiences that made it worthwhile to come together to help others, and AB Help business model has been the best platform for this purpose.


Our clients are companies whose product and services are pro-survial and are not offensive to children or old people; therefore, we do not cooperate with companies who deal in alcohol, sex, gambling, or fire arms, etc. We want to maintain the integrity of corporate social responsibility in Czech Republic, with special attention and empathy to these less privileged citizens. We currently have over 1,400 companies who have answered our calls, and we are growing.

*Your company LOGO is placed on the bus / buses of your choice, in the position and size of your choice.

*A one-minute video promo of what your company does is recorded and promoted on all social media outlet

*Your company is invited to our bus delivery / media event in which a celebrity is invited to officiate the handover of the bus key to the homes.

*An opportunity for a B2B networking with other participating companies

*A certificate of Partnership / Sponsorship. (Good PR material)

*Pictures and videos from event (for marketing and PR purposes)

*A feeling of doing something positive
Our product is social advertisement that are placed on mini buses which are donated to several charities. These charities including: children homes, old people homes and handicapped homes, to provide them with stable and reliable means of transportation which makes life easier for them.  Buses are replaced every 5 years, which is also the term of the advertisement. There are yearly contracts and there are 5 years advertising contracts.

What makes our advertisement special is because  it supports a good cause. It is also like a moving billboard which shows the company logo as the buses drive through different streets, and cities, as they are going to schools, doctor’s appointments, market, family visits, and all other errands they do on daily bases.  Without these buses, these errands would be very difficult, and these people would not be able to experience the outside social world as they do with these buses.

These  buses with company logos not only improves the visibility and likeability of the companies on them,  they also serve as a form of inspiration to the general public and the people we help, that help is possible.